13 October 2008

Soreen Go (Asda)

Soreen Go
Soreen are the makers of fruit loaf or malt loaf or whatever the correct name for it is! Either name - I refer to the really nice fruit packed 'bread' that is heaven when buttered.
I found it strange that they had created a cereal bar, as they already sell a snack pack with two pre-buttered slices. (yummy!)
I was worried that I was being sold a chunk of malt loaf in new packaging, but the texture is a lot firmer. Despite the lack of butter this cereal bar is not at all dry. It is moist and packed with that wonderful raisin malted flavour. The cereal in it adds to the texture, makes it feel more like a proper bar, without ruining the taste. I was surprised by just how well it works.

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