26 October 2008

Options White Chocolate and Raspberry (Sainsburys)

Options White Chocolate and Raspberry

Options make nice flavoured instant hot chocolates, they also now make very nice instant coffee drinks... But one thing I've not been a fan of is their instant hot white chocolate drink, which I always felt lacked flavour.
The addition to the range of a white chocolate and raspberry drink did make me optimistic that the fruit would add the needed kick. Unfortunately the raspberry was again too mild, and the whole drink was lacking anything special. Hot vaguely milky sweet water with a slight hint of raspberry flavour, don't think I'll buy it again.


Heidi said...

I didn't think much of this either, the white chocolate taste felt more milky and the raspberry was quite artificial - I do enjoy the orange one though, and have you tried the ltd edition banana one - yum!!!

cinabar said...

The banana Options hot chocolate is lovely... I do like banana flavourings, although I'm fully aware that quite a few people don't! I also really like the coconut flavour sachet, well worth a try!