1 October 2008

Skinny Cow Hot Chocolate (30/9/08 Sainsburys)

Skinny Cow Hot Chocolate
It’s officially getting cold outside, so it seems hot drinks are back on the cards....
I am always wary of "instant" hot chocolate - anything made with hot water and not hot milk is immediately disadvantaged. Add into this that the product in question is low calorie, and I was even more worried. Still, it is made by Skinny Cow, and I do rather like their ice creams - so I mixed up a mug. First reaction was that it takes a fair bit of mixing! And even after I had ironically used up a fair few calories stirring it, it still had undissolved bits on top. Sadly the flavour was poor too, acceptable, but a way off fixing a chocolate craving.
On a side note, I have tried a lot of instant hot chocolates and the only one that I think works is Aero, which always hits the spot and isn't too high in calories either.

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