20 October 2008

Kronen Marzipanstollen (House of Fraser)

Kronen Marzipanstollen

Stollen is a German cake, popular around Christmas time. I know it is only October, but I can’t help it if all the shops have already filled themselves with their Seasonal offerings.

It’s a bread like cake with plenty of fruit, and often contains a specific filling such as cherries or marzipan. This one contains marzipan, and is absolutely heaven. I’m not even a big marzipan fan, I wouldn’t be overly excited about marzipan on its own or coated in chocolate, but in a cake is where it is meant to be!

This Stollen is rich but moist, and melts in the mouth. Good stuff.

Just need to avoid the inevitable joke –
“It's Stollen cake”
“Don’t you think you should have paid for it?”


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