11 October 2008

Lyles Golden Syrup - Syrup Sponge Ice Cream (Sainsburys)

Lyles Golden Syrup - Syrup Sponge Ice Cream
This is from the same range as the rather lovely dairy milk ice cream, so obviously my expectations were high.
The ice cream is a light creamy syrupy flavour that even on its own would be heaven. But this ice cream contains ripples of golden syrup and pieces of golden syrup soaked sponge. It’s difficult to find criticism for this product, its one of the nicest ice creams I've ever eaten. The mix of cream and golden syrup just wows the taste buds! It would work as an accompaniment with a piece of cake or melting on a hot sponge, but it would be wrong to dilute the flavour like that. Have it on its own. Give it the appreciation it deserves!

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