28 October 2008

Seeds of Change Apricot and Cashew (Sainsbury's)

Seeds of Change Apricot and Cashew

I have so been hoping for a chocolate bar that covers both apricot and nut, I personally thought it a genius idea.
This particular bar wasn’t everything I hoped for.
Biting in to the luxurious chocolate, was simply marred by the hard flavourless sticky lumps that get stuck to your teeth, (allegedly they are apricots).
The packaging goes on about how sweet and juicy the apricots are, but I swear I couldn’t taste a thing. I considered that maybe I have a cold coming, spoiling my taste buds? I don’t feel ill. Or maybe it is because I have been spoiled by artificial flavours, and now have a certain artificial expectancy for how an apricot should taste? Or maybe they just are the mildest of apricots, and have practically no flavour?
Has anyone else tried this bar? I would love some other opinions.

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