2 October 2008

Thornton’s White Chocolate Fruit Bars

Thornton’s White Chocolate Fruit Bars
Apologies, I'm a little late to the party with this one... Its part of Thornton’s (almost over) summer collection.
When I wrote about Cadburys Dairy Milk 5kg bar, I was impressed because of the size of the chunks - which were massive; this product is its natural opposite. A selection of mini bars sized down. The bars are so cute the chunks are only about 5mm!
Each mini bar is individually wrapped white chocolate infused with a tempting fruit flavour. A very refreshing summer treat - I know, its autumn now- get them while you can!

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cinabar said...

I haven't actually tried that - but I will have a look round the department stores this weekend. Where have you had it from? If I can't see any any in the shops - I will have a look on google! Thanks for the recommendation!! :-)