14 October 2008

Milka Melocakes (Home Bargains)

Milka Melocakes

Mmmm.... A biscuit base; a splodge of gooey marshmallow, and a coating of Milka chocolate - now there is a recipe designed to succeed if ever I saw one!
Ok, the concept isn't new, but this is the first time I've seen them with Milka chocolate. Admittedly the chocolate on them is designed to crack and crumble when you bite in, so it’s not a very thick layer and the Milka chocolate probably doesn't make that much difference. The biscuit base is very flavoursome but not too hard, and it makes the product seem a little more wholesome. The melocakes are also a little smaller than some of the supermarkets’ own products, which creates the “unfortunate” requirement to not stop at only eating one! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

YOu can't beat Tunnocks'!