7 October 2008

Rice Krispies Squares - Crazy Choc

Rice Krispies Squares - Crazy Choc
As per the regular squares bar, this consists of Rice Krispies stuck together with a sticky marshmallow coating, but this one has a crazy chocolate topping.
The crazy chocolate refers to chocolate pieces covered in a coloured sugar coating.
I don't think there is enough topping to justify the word crazy, it seems a bit light to me... (Have a look at the picture above to see just what I mean.) I except I might have just been unlucky and had one pack without a full portion of topping.
The chocolate doesn't have a great flavour as it isn’t very strong, so I wasn't too impressed. They are pleasant enough, but not a patch on the yummy Chocolate & Caramel Rice Krispies Squares.

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