4 October 2008

Muller Lemon and Passionfruit Light (3 /10/08 Asda)

Muller Lemon and Passionfruit Light
Muller has released two new flavours - this one and a new fruit corner, the write up of which will follow shortly.
Both are packaged in a much darker, luxurious container and look very up market.
I found the lemon and passionfruit yoghurt to be zingy, and full of flavour so all in all very enjoyable. I enjoyed it more than the Lemon and Orange, which I tried not too long ago as that one was a little overly citrus for my tastes.
As with most of the Muller Light range you would never be able to tell it was a low calorie product, there is no disappointment in flavour whatsoever. I have no idea how they produce a product that tastes this creamy and yet is fat free?

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