23 October 2008

Edinburgh Rock (Scotland)

Edinburgh Rock

Ok, so this is another of the treats from my stay in Edinburgh. It isn't like seaside rock in that it isn't hard and crunchy. The packs I bought aren't in sticks either, just broken pieces, which seems to be a common way to package them for the gift market.
It is difficult to describe the texture, it isn't soft, but the way in which it breaks up and melts in the mouth certainly makes it seem that way. Chalky is probably a good description.
It’s very sugary too, and to be honest I can't tell the difference between the flavours. There is suppose to be flavours as diverse as lemon and ginger in the box, but the only clue really as to which one you have is the colour! I don't want to be negative about this product though as it is so lovely. Pure bad for you sugary goodness!

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