1 December 2011

Anita's Mango & Lime Chutney Crisps [By @NLi10]

These are a bit odd. They smell perfect and are incredibly inviting once the bag is open, filling the room with a gentle spicy aroma. The taste however is much stronger and meant that I only ever wanted to eat one or two before putting the bag back. I enjoyed the flavour, but the 'little kick' was too much for me and meant that I never really got that far.

Other people however did.

At games night a few of the guys made it through the first half of the bag with ease, remarking that they were very nice. The remainder of the bag was easily polished off by my partner who I think found the spices more balanced than I did, but is a very big fan of the mango and lime chutney dips at the restaurant.

So in brief summary there isn't much I can say about these, the crisps were of a lovely thickness and crunch and the spices and flavours were so authentic I struggled to eat that many - even though they tasted great. If you are a fan of sharp flavours then these are something you should hunt out. And as a summer salad table item, where most people will only take a few for the side of the plate these would be perfect - especially for the Indian Summers* that we've been having recently!

(* I realise this term relates to Native American Indian as it was coined by the first Western settlers in the Americas, but just go with it.)
By NLi10

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