25 December 2011

Fabulous Bakin' Boys Christmas Cupcakes - Orange & Mint [By @NLi10]

And a very Merry Christmas to you all - I hope you Found Foodstuff under your trees and in your stockings!

I decided to grab the festive selection from the Fabulous Bakin Boys as these seem to be a little more varied than the previous offerings - each box contains three different chocolate toppings (Dark, Milk, White) on the base cake flavour. While this isn't the biggest of deals seeing that the toppings are more of a fondant than a chocolate this is still an improvement on the less varied offerings for the previous seasons.

First up was the mint, which I'd never had before and worried that would be overpowering in an After Eight kind of way. This proved to not be a problem and these were lovely and mild and suitable for eating after a big festive meal (should one occur). I think that the different chocolates didn't vary the experience as much as I'd expected, but the darker ones are always my favourite.

The orange ones were similar to ones I'd munched previously and as such were mostly given away. I did try a white orange one to confirm that they were as expected and they were. I like the orange ones but on this occasion I think that the minty ones are probably the ones to go for as an alternative to the plague of mince pies that blight the British Christmas (the filling contains pretty much all the dried fruits that I dislike so much!).
By NLi10

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ostimea said...

white orange ones sound like a very tasty combination