29 December 2011

Marks & Spencer Melting Middle Chocolate Puddings [by @NLi10]

After Heston encouraged people to stock non traditional Xmas puddings last year the available variety has increased. This particular pudding is based on the simple idea that chocolate is nicer than raisins and sultanas. You get two of them and it literally takes only a minute to heat them up in the microwave - result!

While I bought these for use on Christmas day (and gave the other one away to someone with similar taste) I didn't end up getting around to it until I was back home and self catering on Boxing Day evening. The cake is softer than I expected, and the sauce richer but these were both acceptable and still contributed to a lovely overall experience.

As you can see the oozing chocolate is pretty fun too. I've had other M&S 'heavy' choc puddings in previous years which I think maybe fill the Xmas day role slightly better, but this is one I'd be happy to eat all winter long.

Hope you are continuing to have a nice snack related festive break!
by @NLi10

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