3 December 2011

Cleopatra Apricot Fruit Beer [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve never been a fan of apricots. I always try to avoid the orange coloured jam tart in the variety box. Ashamedly it took me several boxes to realise that just because it was orange coloured, didn’t mean that it was orange flavoured, which is a rare occurrence in most orange coloured foodstuffs, I know! As I hadn’t eaten jam tarts for a certain period of time, I had completely forgotten just how much I dislike apricots. Brewed by the Derventio Brewery in Derbyshire, this 5% volume apricot fruit beer smelt overpoweringly of apricots on opening. Not a good start for someone who doesn’t like the taste of apricots. It was an amber coloured beer which was brewed with malted barley, First Gold hops, and of course, apricots. There was strong flavours of apricots in the initial taste, followed by a subtle bitterness from the hops, but let’s face it; the beer mainly tasted of apricots. There was a heavy aftertaste of apricots once every apricot flavoured mouthful of beer had literally been forced down my throat. This would make a good pudding beer, especially if you’re enjoying a healthy bowl of fruit for dessert. As you have probably guessed, I did not like this beer so much. It doesn’t taste bad in any way, especially if you like apricot. If, like me, you don’t like apricots, this probably isn’t the beer for you. Just try to remind yourself that you don’t like apricots before you buy it…
By Spectre

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