17 December 2011

Tiddly Penguin (Hotel Chocolat) [By @SpectreUK]

This smart 85g box from Hotel Chocolat contains eight solid caramel flavoured milk chocolate penguins. One serving portion is thought of as four penguins, which is 238 calories or 476 calories for all eight penguins if you’re feeling greedy! The penguin shapes are rather cute, wearing scarves just in case you are crazy enough to put these chocolates in the fridge or leave them outside in the cold winter for too long. Ingredients included; caramelized sugar, caramel, and vanilla. I could definitely taste the vanilla which complemented the caramel in the milk chocolate, adding an extra luxurious sweetness to the taste. Biting into each chocolate penguin I had the slight disappointment that the penguins didn’t have a gooey caramel centre, but the sheer creaminess of the milk chocolate combined with the pleasure of caramel mixed with vanilla made me instantly forget the need for gooeyness. I really enjoyed eating these chocolate penguins, and savoured everyone I was fortunate enough to get my hands on before Cinabar and her mom wrestled the box off me. The cute chocolate penguin shapes made me smile and would make a lovely treat for kids and adults alike. I can’t image these caramel chocolate penguins would last very long if you show them off to anyone, especially if you go with the suggested “after dinner treat” on the box. Take my advice, be selfish and keep them all to yourself… ;-)
By Spectre

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S.Emerald said...

These look delicious.

I eat like a sparrow, so knowing me I'd probably only be able to eat one.

I love the Christmas tree background on your blog! It's so whimsical:)