8 December 2011

Meiji Lucky Stick - Strawberry and Chocolate [by @NLi10]

Again - I can't remember when these were added to Snack Mountain - the pile next to my desk of unconsumed things. I'm presuming that they either came from KK Mart in Bromsgrove or Yum Yum in Worcester as the majority of things do - although I have found a Birmingham shop now that will be featured when I clear my B(Sn)ackLog.

Meiji Seika are a snack manufacturer from Japan (that are now part of a pharmaceutical company the same as Proctor & Gamble who make Pringles) and one of Glico's (makers of Pocky) main competitors. This is their take on the stick-with-choc snack that is mainly known in the UK due to Pocky but it varies in a couple of important ways.

Firstly the diameter of the stick is quite large. This is more similar to the KP dips from the UK (or indeed Meiji's own Yan Yan that I have two of waiting to review) but maybe a little slimmer and certainly more cylindrical. They are softer and less crunchy than Pocky too.

The coating itself seems to also be thicker - being a step below Pocky Mouse but with a definite softness to the bite. The flavours are good as you expect, and the strawberry is probably my favourite of the two. The taste is a lot smoother than the Pocky but this allows for a more creamy taste which is quite nice. I'm very used to the other, sharper version so it took a bit of getting used to. The chocolate was more disappointing, but the biscuit having flavour too added to the overall experience.

I seemed to end up with a lot of these still in the boxes after munching as 45g is quite a generous portion when trying two at the same time. I shared the rest out at games night and everyone agreed that they were worth a try.
By NLi10


Tony said...

I've seen these around, but always end up staying safe by going with the Pocky. I'll have to give these a try now!

NLi10 said...

Meiji make good quality stuff, but the flavours aren't quite the same as the Pocky on the sticks. Variety is the spice of snacking!