22 December 2011

Nestle Superfruity Shredded Wheat [By @NLi10]

The kings of wheat return with a counterpunch to the Mini Max wheats from last week - this time taking on the supermarket own brand fruity wheat combos that Ms. NLi10 has to go to certain supermarkets to hunt down. The box seems to focus on the concept of 'superfruits' those mythical beings that contain antioxidants - yet the three listed fruits are not ones that I'd automatically associate with that label. A quick Wiki lists the typical superfruits as being acai, blueberry, cranberry (tick!), goji, grape, mango, pomegranate and sea-buckthorn. It also comments that apples, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries (tick!), raspberries (tick - full house!) and blackberries all achieve the criteria to be superfruits too, but are not typically called such. I'm pretty sure that superfruits is just a marketing term for a fruit that is not a lemon, lime or kiwi...

So - now that the validity of the claims has been assessed we can munch the cereal. Essentially it's a bite-size Shredded wheat with a jam/fruit-puree inside. Some of these are too sickly or get the balance of fruits wrong but these are actually pretty good. I had a nice relaxing bowl of these one morning and even though I had to pause for a bit they didn't become too soggy and the milk never became sickly (another problem).

While these lack the flavour precision that comes from selecting one fruit and packing it in I think the blended approach works. As this is a 'new' it would be great to see a second purple flavour of this with a black-currant or similar themed blend as I don't think I've had that style of flavour since I used to make Ribena milkshakes as a kid.

I'll run these past my resident expert on fruity cereals first, but I think I may end up buying more of these!
By NLi10

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