9 December 2011

Tasty Little Numbers – Light And Wispy Choco Crispy Bars [By @Cinabar]

Tasty Little Numbers is a new brand of snack products on the market which is all about making calorie counting and portion control simple. Everything in their selection has a whole number of calories, these chocolate bars are exactly 100, they have crisps with 100 calories too, and the range of snack pots they make are 200. The only issue is that although the calories makes these easy to count, the rest of the foods in my diet aren't nice whole numbers, so I'd still struggle the rest of the day. I like the idea of easy calorie counting though, and it helps proportion how other products compare very easily.
First thing I have to mention is that I do like the packaging on these bars. I think that the neatly printed word art looks good and modern, it’s simple but stands out nicely too. At just 100 calories for a chocolate bar these are really quite low, and I was intrigued to find out what they taste like.
There are three varieties available, in a white, milk and dark chocolate. All are filled with a crispy wafer centre and then dipped in the appropriate chocolate. I started off with the white chocolate and discovered the bar was thin with a rippled effect on the chocolate. The centre was very crispy when I broke it in half, but didn’t crumble. When I bit it I couldn’t help thinking that it had the same texture as Ryvita for the filling, and there was a hint of savour taste too. The white chocolate was plentiful, and the whole bar was nice, but the filling wasn’t as much as a treat as I had hoped, but it did fend off my chocolate craving.
The milk chocolate variety was a far better balanced bar, as the chocolate was surprisingly rich and quite thick too. The filling was the same as the white but the chocolate had a stronger flavour leaving you with a nice crunchy treat.
The dark chocolate was a similar affair to the milk but with a hint of bitterness in the chocolate. The flavour was lovely and rich, and again worked rather well. Although the white chocolate was my least favourite compared to the other two bars it was still nice. The other two were good chocolate treats, and if you compare their calories to other bars, then they are all darn impressive! These make a nice guilt free snack that will cure your chocolate craving and are super easy for calorie counters.
By Cinabar


Rachel said...

These look so good, I love white chocolate. I went on their site and I haven't even heard of most of the stockists. Where did you buy yours?

cinabar said...

They sell them on amazon if you are having trouble finding them.