13 December 2011

Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch [Spiced Cordial] [By @cinabar]

The fruity mix of flavours of Vimto always takes me back to my childhood, where I drank litres of the stuff! In recent years they have brought out new flavours, and have fizzy versions too, but it is the cordial which I have a soft spot for. I was intrigued to see that this year they have a seasonal edition drink to warm us up in the winter months. The drink is mulled with Christmas spices, and is designed to be had hot and made with water from the kettle. After a long day at work, and a walk home in the cold I popped the kettle on to try it out.
Once the lid was off, I checked the aroma of the concentrated fruity mix and I could clearly pick up on the smell of regular Vimto and a nice hint of something a little spicy like cloves. I poured a large splash of the drink into mugs and topped up with hot water. The drink had a lovely rich dark red/purple colour and smelt wonderfully fruity. The regular taste of Vimto shone though, with its mixed fruit goodness. There is aftertaste with this drink that is very mildly spiced, with a just a hint of something slightly warming and woody and the end of each sip. The drink is nice because it is Vimto, but I felt that they could have turned up the seasonal flavour by adding a bit more cinnamon and spice, as the mulled part is so very mild. I say this as a cinnamon addict who was hoping for a bit more tang from the taste as it is one of my favourite flavours. I suspect Vimto kept it mild so that it would stay child friendly and not overpower the original Vimto experience. As such I think it will go down well at Christmas parties for little ones or those who don't want an alcoholic drink. It’s a nice drink – true to the original flavour, which just a subtle hint of something extra mixed in and a gentle Christmas twist.
By Cinabar

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