21 December 2011

Burnt Sugar – Crumbly Stem Ginger Fudge [By @SpectreUK]

I don’t know what it is about the taste of ginger, but it always makes me think of Christmas. Ginger must have warming qualities to help keep out the cold. I chomped down on Burnt Sugar’s Crumbly Stem Ginger Fudge on the way back from work on a cold winter’s day. The fudge had a sweet ginger smell to it when I opened the packet. It was soft to bite and quickly melted in my mouth. This fudge is big on ginger flavour when eating. The good strong ginger taste reminded me of ginger biscuits and left my tastebuds with a sugary finish. There was a sublime Demerara sugar and ginger aftertaste that made me want to eat more and more. This ginger fudge is perfect for afternoon tea or a late evening treat with your feet up in front of the fire after a winter’s tough daily drudge. Burnt Sugar’s Crumbly Stem Ginger Fudge would make a great treat for kids and adults alike. Or if you’re feeling generous, leave it out for Father Christmas and I’m certain you’ll get extra presents for being extra good! Merry Christmas!!
By Spectre