28 December 2011

Traditional Spiced Masala Tea – Chai Xpress (Tesco) [by @SpectreUK]

There is an Indian restaurant called Diva in a shopping centre not too far from where we live. When the restaurant opened a few years ago they served their own lovely special blend of mixed spiced chai tea that was made with milk and was called; “Diva Chai”. Sadly Diva Chai took too long to prepare, so now the restaurant serves Masala Tea. Although I tease the Manager about not making Diva Chai anymore, I always enjoy a cup of Masala Tea at the end of my meal. I had been wondering where Diva sourced this Masala Tea from until Cinabar’s Mom picked this forty teabag box up in the local supermarket.

This Traditional Spiced Masala Tea by Chai Xpress was blended and packed by Fudco, in London, who have thirty-five years of experience in blending teas. It is said that Spiced Masala Tea aids digestion and is traditionally enjoyed in India and now all over the world. It is a blend of black tea and mixed spices, which include; ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg, and white pepper. The tea has no artificial flavourings or preservatives, and is vegetarian friendly. Brewing instructions on the box state to boil freshly drawn cold water, as the oxygen in the water helps to bring out the flavour of the tea and mixed spices, leaving the tea to stew from three to five minutes in roughly 200ml of freshly boiled water, and adding milk and sugar on preference. I prefer my tea to stew a few minutes longer for added strength and just a dash of milk. The tea smells chiefly of ginger and cinnamon, with cloves, cardamom and nutmeg just behind these flavours, and this smell is mirrored completely in the taste. This Spiced Masala Tea provides a warming feeling when drinking it, which is perfect for the winter chills. It is fragrant and the mixed spices are lovingly balanced to complement the premium blend of black tea, whilst making sure the stronger flavours of ginger and cinnamon do not overpower the other spices and overall flavour. This tea is an ideal homage to a good spicy meal or can without doubt be enjoyed on its own. The tea’s blend of spices lends a satisfying seasonal feel, but I’m sure it would be pleasurable to savour all year round.
By Spectre

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