26 December 2011

Turkey Crisps (Tesco Finest Vs Tyrrells) (By @Cinabar)

As you are probably sitting down to the inevitable turkey sandwiches, what snack is more fitting to accompany them than turkey flavoured crisps. Disappointingly this year Walkers chose not release its annual turkey variety, but both Tyrrells and Tesco have put forward some crisps in the traditional Christmas flavour.

Turkey and Chestnut Stuffing [Tyrrells]
These crisps are fairly thickly cut and had a lovely herb smell when I poured them into a bowl. The flavour was a little milder than expected, but did have a good meaty taste, a hint of sage and a nutty aftertaste. I’ve not seen crisps seasoned with chestnut before, and it was nice that the taste of chestnut was distinguishable on the crisps, the nut flavour did make these feel quite substantial. The bag was thoroughly enjoyable, flavoursome but not strong enough to overpower any items that they might be served with.

Roast Norfolk Turkey and Stuffing with Onion Gravy [Tesco Finest]
This bag of crisps has a much stronger aroma, but still looked to be thickly cut with a good crunch. The flavour of these was very different to the other variety as these were so much stronger. There was a lovely meaty flavour that reminded me of roast chicken crisps. The other major ingredient was the seasoning with onion and sage, and there was plenty of it too representing the onion gravy and stuffing. I loved this taste, and felt all the herbs and onion they had packed in really made them. The crisps were a perfect meaty crisp, it was as if they’d been dipped in the gravy pot!

Out of the two varieties I preferred the Tesco ones as they were stronger and had a fuller flavour. I also felt that the heavy addition of the sage and onion really made them super tasty and moreish. Having said that the Tyrrells are still a great crisp, they just have a more delicate base flavour, but the addition of the chestnut made them something special too.
By Cinabar

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