4 December 2011

Jack & Jill - Magic Creams (Chocolate Cream) [By @NLi10]

I'm not 100% sure where I picked these up from, quite probably my Polish Grocers, but I bought them expecting the typical wafer and chocolate style Eurosnack that you see frequently. This however is a more interesting proposition.
Essentially in the package you get three layers of the kind of soft wafery biscuit that you usually find served with cheese. In between them you get a thin slice of a chocolate paste that is similar to Nutella but without the nuts. Not only does this work particularly well but it also opens up a few extra options for the cheese board at Christmas. I'm not a fan of cheese and have only recently begun to eat things which contain it (usually in a cooked form as an ingredient). Putting a tub of chocolate paste next to the cheese biscuits for those who fancy a change is the kind of bold move that people will remember your parties for and well worth a go!
As for these Magic creams they are a perfectly realised version of this idea. The balance of choc and biscuit is spot on, and while if I was building these at home I'd likely go overboard with the spread as a snack food for on the go this works well. There are little perforations along the bar (which don't show up that well here) that are smaller than the normal holes for snapping the bar into fingers, but I suspect most people will not have the patience for this.
I could have easily consumed a second one, but kept it back for when I got around to typing this up - and now I wish I had a third!
By NLi10


  1. Hi
    I have tried peanut cream version a few times. They are very popular , too.

  2. This is a Filipino product, you can find several flavours at New Loon Moon supermarket in Chinatown!

  3. Ha - maybe I picked these up from Chinatown too! This is why I need to add post it notes onto my snack pile...

  4. You can get them at Pinoy Foods in Birmingham indoor market


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