27 December 2011

Bosch Tassimo & Milka Hot Chocolate (@Tassimo) [By @Cinabar]

Oh my, I have a new toy in the house, and I’d like to introduce you all to my new Tassimo machine. I think I have made it clear on many occasions that I love my hot drinks, be it teas, coffee or hot chocolates, and I find a time for each of the above.
The Tassimo caught my eye as it had some brilliant features which are perfect for a lazy person like me. You put a drinks disc in, press a button and your drink appears. It’s fast to make a drink, with drinks brewing in under 60 seconds, which impressively beats a kettle! The machine has almost no maintenance and comes complete with a Brita water filter so shouldn’t even need de-scaling. There is no cleaning up after or before use, you pop the T-Disc in, after the drink has been made you remove it, no drips or anything it’s all just a clean environment. When the machine has finished the drink it jets some steam through itself just to make sure there is no residue. Also the used T-Discs are recyclable which is an important addition when you have the recycle police in the house (aka Spectre).

More than this though, Tassimo is the only manufacturer to have Milka hot chocolate, and I’m sure you are all aware of my feelings on the subject of Milka – as it is the best darn milk chocolate on the planet!!! :-D I have been wanting to try Tassimo Milka hot chocolate since 2008 and here is a link to prove it!!!
If you have used a Tassimo machine you will be aware that some of the drinks are quite small, and only fill a cups worth. As I prefer my hot drinks in a mug, I have been a bit disappointed with the size of some of them. The cappuccino it makes are lovely, but are a bit small so the Latte Macchiato (unsweetened) has been my coffee of choice because it fills a mug properly. I am pleased to say that this Milka hot chocolate also fills a mug which is a relief as a hot chocolate should be a long soothing savoured drink! I have tried the Suchards hot chocolate in the Tassimo and had to use a double measure of T-Discs to fill the mug, and I only rated the drink as ‘nice’ at the end of it. I have loved the coffee but as this was my first trial of a hot chocolate I was a bit disappointed.

I had my fingers crossed when I popped in the Milka T-Disc and it turns out I was in luck. The Milka drink it makes is pure heaven. The flavour is a lot stronger than the Suchards, and you can definitely pick up on the distinct alpine Milka taste. The chocolate drink is smooth and velvety, and topped with lovely milk froth and chocolate. The flavour has a hint of nut and lots of cream and is just absolutely perfect. I know I’m a Milka fan girl, but for me it is an absolutely dreamy drink. It made me want to hug the Tassimo and say thank you!!! I can’t work out why so many of the shops don’t stock the Milka T-Discs particularly as they actually make a full mug too. I had to buy these online, but as you can imagine I’ve already ordered a second box! Also in my last online order I have included a packet of Twinings Chai Latte which sounds gorgeous, and either myself or Spectre will be writing about that soon too.

Big thanks to the lovely folks at Idealo
If you are looking for your own Tassimo bargain (and they are cheaper than you think) check out the Idealo website.
By Cinabar


Fernanda said...

GOD! i wanna one of these

cinabar said...

I'm loving the Milka Tassimo - wish I didn't have to buy it online but none of the supermarkets are stocking it :-(