19 December 2011

Doughnut Selection (Christmas German Market, Birmingham) [By @Cinabar]

As you have probably already seen, Spectre made a visit to the Birmingham German Market after work, and brought back a selection of doughnuts for us to try. He said that there were quite a few flavours to choose from, and managed to pick the following five varieties:

Custard (Back left in photo)
This custard filled doughnut is also chocolate topped, and although you can only just tell from the photograph, it has also been sprinkled with hundreds and thousands along one side. Although it was labelled as custard the filling is more like a vanilla cream as it was almost white in nature and it was very creamy in flavour. The custard and chocolate worked well together and the easy going tones allowed the cooked doughy taste to shine through.

Dark Chocolate (Front left in photo)
There were some nuts decorating this one, but the filling was pure rich dark chocolate in its taste. It was an indulgent flavour, and the milk chocolate icing really added to the experience. Although the nuts looked nice on top there wasn’t quite enough of them to influence the flavour, but it didn’t really matter as the doughnut worked well anyway.

Strawberry (Centre in photo)
As you would probably have guessed this is the pink doughnut in the picture! It is topped with pretty strawberry icing, and a foam strawberry sweet to really set the scene. The jam in the centre is more traditional and has a good strong strawberry flavour that is super fruity. The perfect doughnut for strawberry fans.

Black Forest Gateaux (Top right in photos)
I thought this was the prettiest of the doughnuts in the selection box, with its white icing, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry decorating the top. The centre was impressive too, it had been slightly oddly caught with the filling as it had two huge dollops of cherry jam in side. I think it was just made luckily and caught two injections of jam, but I fear somebody out there had the doughnut made next to it with no filling whatsoever. Sorry whoever you were, but your loss was my gain! As I’ve mentioned before on the blog I do like the black forest flavour, and this certainly went some way to recreating it, and I loved the taste. The only issue was the top needed a heavier sprinkle of chocolate to properly get that cocoa taste shining through.

Nutella (Bottom right in photo)
This particular doughnut has a simple concept, fill a doughnut with Nutella and then top it with chocolate. It may be simple, but it is genius! The filling is sweet and rich with chocolate and hazelnut flavours, and the sponge just makes the whole thing work. The dollop of Nutella was very generous and worked with the chocolate topping. Again an indulgent doughnut and perfect for the chocolate nuts fans like me.
By Cinabar

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S.Emerald said...

I haven't had a doughnut in so long.

These look 10 times healthier than the ones in america.
Reasonable size, not extremely greasy, etc.