14 July 2014

Beechs Thank You chocolates [@BeechsChocolate] (By @Cinabar)

Beechs Chocolates got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out their “Thank You” chocolates. These are a small token box, with seven chocolates inside, with a nice array of flavours.
There was a good selection of nut chocolates, which are the one I always go for first.
The Hazelnut Supreme was coated in a very thick white chocolate. It was creamy and sweet with a soft nutty filling, rich in flavour but tasty.
The Dark Coffee and Walnut was my favourite chocolate in the box, the coffee taste and walnut mixed so perfectly it even gave the impression of a hint of honey in there, I could eat a box of these alone! The dark chocolate shell was top notch.
As much as I enjoyed the Hazelnut Swirl I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a whole nut in there somewhere! Surely thats a given with a Hazelnut Swirl? There was just a rather nice mild nutty parfait in milk chocolate.
Next up I went for the fruity ones. The Orange Truffle was full flavoured, it mentioned alcohol on the back of the pack but I couldn’t pick up on that, just a sweet orange citrus taste. The Strawberry Parfait was really sweet and bursting with berry flavour, which I loved.
The Vanilla Mousse was surprising smooth and delicate, sometimes plain flavours can just work. Lastly the Caramel Delight was a burst of super sweet caramel taste, that Spectre would have loved if I had given him the chance to to try it!! ;-)
I thought his box contained a good selection, with a nice mix of flavours, from nuts to fruit creams and milk, white and dark chocolate so as to suit everyone. If you are looking for a nice little thank you prezzie you couldn’t go far wrong with these, they would be perfect for teachers too as it is that time of year.
By Cinabar

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