25 July 2014

Beechs Dark Chocolate Marzipan [@BeechsChocolate] (By @Cinabar)

Beechs very kindly sent me some of their Dark Chocolate Marzipans to try out, following on from the Thank You chocolates I wrote about the other week. Marzipan is such a traditional chocolate, but I’m loving the modern twist on the packaging from Beechs, making them look all bright and modern, practically exploding from the box. I’ve never totally understood marzipan’s flavour, you mix two ingredients (essentially) sugar and ground almonds and end up with a substance that tastes of neither, instead it is a very different confectionary in its own right. Think Battenberg cake, or indeed Christmas cake, if it isn’t too early for that?
Anyway these marzipan chocolates are coated in dark chocolate, and presented in a neat box in lines, similar to the chocolate brazils that Beechs also make. I thought the chocolates themselves reminded me of the shape of strawberry creams, with there peaks on top, but obviously these were dark. The marzipan is not very sharp in flavour, it is smooth and sweet and is complemented well by the dark chocolate. I loved the flavour of the dark chocolate, and felt that these would have been slightly sickly with a milk chocolate coating, they needed that hint of bitterness to give them an edge.
Spectre took some of these to work, and everyone there seemed to love them too, and couldn’t get enough of them. It may not be a chocolate combination you buy that often, but it is worth revisiting to see what makes it such a s classic.
By Cinabar

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