6 July 2014

Small World Stage, Glastonbury - smoothie review [by @NLi10]

One of my favourite places at the Glastonbury festival is the Small World stage - located in the green futures area. This section is dedicated to all kinds of sustainable living ideas and suits my techno-hippy ideals of using the best information available to help make a difference.

The Small World stage is one of many performance areas/ caf├ęs there and is solar powered and sells mugs of tea. 

My happiness at finding myself back here is not changed by the rain at all - in fact I think I only discovered it originally as I was seeking shelter many festivals ago (in my case probably from the sun).

This time I'd made a special effort to get up early after a late shift to come see Mal Webb's set - and then two bands later I got to see him as part of Formidable Vegetable Sound System whom I'd never heard of but thoroughly enjoyed too (even got the CD).

Here we see Mal sound checking while I enjoy a Belvoir lemonade. This in itself is not that exciting - had a lot of these - although apparently they only had one of these and it had been sitting around for so long by itself they had forgotten what it cost.

I also tried their home made lemon slice (which I think had poppy seeds too) on multiple occasions as it made a very nice lunch.  Almost like a lemon blondie in its consistancy it was very filling and sharp in flavour.

Next up was this mug of strange slop. What is it? It's a vegan smoothie!

Made from hemp milk (which I had no idea existed) and bananas with cacao powder and dates it was certainly an interesting prospect.  Served in a real mug (which after sleeping on the floor and living in a field for almost a week is strangely luxurious prospect) and with live music it's a strange sensation.  The flavour is mostly banana but with the other flavours providing interesting combinations.  The texture is thick and there is enough variety that the whole mug was a pleasure.

Unfortunately I didn't get to try the second flavour, Glastonbury conspires against organisation such as that. Guess that gives me something to do next time. :)

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