28 July 2014

Soreen Fruit Loaf - Orange (@SoreenHQ Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

We are fans of Soreen fruit loaf here at Foodstuff Finds, and quite often pick up a loaf as tasty sunday afternoon snack. I was pleased to see in Sainsbury’s a new flavour in a bright blue pack; Orange. I picked up the Soreen and in the shop a friendly member of staff noticed me and said that it was an excellent choice as the new flavour is rather good and a Sainsbury's exclusive. Maybe this was a random comment, or maybe my local Sainsbury’s are onto me and my Foodstuff Finds alert ego.
Once home we took the wrapper off and a lovely aroma of orange and spices filled the room. The loaf was fairly light in colour, but its texture was the usual soft, moist squishiness that you’d associate with Soreen. When you cut slices it always shrinks a bit! We sliced the loaf and added some butter, for full effect. The loaf is low in fat, but obviously adding too much full fat butter may negate this somewhat. ;-)
I was impressed with the flavour, although there was plenty of the usual sultanas and flavour, there was a sharp fresh burst of orange there too, rather like it had been made with a generous shot of fresh orange juice. I felt the acidic flavour worked rather well with the fruit loaf and its spices, and made this a nice new addition to the range, it is certainly one I’ll pick up again.
By Cinabar

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