31 July 2014

Scottish Delicacies (Barr Cola & Haggis Crisps) [review by @NLi10]

I was up in Glasgow recently and noticed that the camp we stayed at had a sign advertising deep fried mars bars! I've not had one of these in Scotland (I had one near Newcastle but it didn't seem like they did it right and was a good 15 years ago) and I figured I'd give it a try.  Unfortunately they had sold out so I had to look for other articles of local origin.

Naturally the first drink I had up North was the first drink of Scotland - IRN BRU. Barr drinks used to be popular in the Midlands where we live when I was little so we'd frequently have all the varieties but only the IRN BRU really survived the onslaught of generic brand colas (that come with a free fridge if you only stock their brands in it...).

Spotting the Xtra Cola as a new item was a good find - in the bar that you got to hold the Queens Baton from the Commonwealth games no less! I was worried it was an energy cola, but it turns out it's their Pepsi Max and a sugar free thing.  And it was pretty nice too - it felt sweet enough and had the familiar Barr background taste to the whole thing.

I'd have this again, but there are other flavours to try first.

Next up I got some haggis flavour crisps from the co-op next to a really nice fish shop. These are actually vegetarian! 
As we've reviewed haggis before then I thought these would be perfect. Turns out they just smell like haggis and the taste is a lot more similar to the meaty yet vegetarian snacks that you see all the time. While these were perfectly good crisps they were not that exciting, I'd hoped for oaty goodness and a strong meaty flavour, but I'll settle for a good quality nice crisp.

There were other flavours but we didn't stay long enough to try.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to go back and try them again!

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