1 August 2014

granny marmalade (Foodies Festival)

granny marmalade three fruit marmalade with cinnamon and orange and lemon marmalade with ginger 

Last weekend we had a lovely family day out at Tatton Park and the latest Foodies Festival (http://foodiesfestival.com/). The weather was still holding out and it was a beautiful day, helped enormously by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the food stalls. Everyone was keen to tell us about their products and it was a pleasure to spend time talking to so many people passionate about their food and drink!
Our first foodstufffinds acquisition was granny marmalade (http://www.grannymarmalade.com/index.html).

We kept the jars of marmalade for Sunday tea, which is for us a casual affair with everyone making their own meals. We thought we’d use the marmalades traditionally, i.e. on toast. We had granary and white loaves as our testing platforms. We tried both the three fruit marmalade with cinnamon and the orange and lemon marmalade with ginger.
Out of the four of us the children wouldn’t entertain either flavour; dd1 declared it too sour and dd2 wouldn’t try it at all. However, both adults liked them and really enjoyed the rich and interesting depth of flavours. Both marmalades had a good chunky texture and the cinnamon has a gorgeous floral aroma. Hubby decided that he preferred the ginger one because he enjoyed the zingy warming flavours that makes it stand out from your everyday marmalades. But I think the ginger is one you would have as an occasional “change is as good as a rest” flavour. The cinnamon marmalade was lovely too, but to be honest there was hardly a hint of cinnamon. Overall it didn’t have that difference we were expecting.
All in all these marmalades tasted rich and expensive and I think would make the perfect thank you gift for that marmalade lover in your life!
By Mrs Ux

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