17 August 2014

Chicken Balti Pie - Bromsgrove Sporting Football Club [review by @NLi10]

Here at FoodStuffFinds we like a good pie.  When I arrived at my first ever FA cup match (Bromsgrove Sporting Vs Bewdley Town) and was informed that they had just upgraded their supplier I thought it was the smart choice.

There was only one pie on offer, which I'm sure was Chicken Balti so I ordered it with chips and a Vimto (£4.50 for the lot) and took a seat on one of the spectator areas behind the goals.

It was bigger than I'd expected and had some lovely seeds on top which added to the eastern flavours. As I was eating it with a tiny wooden fork I removed the top and ate that first. This enabled the piping hot insides to cool too. Sitting so close to the goal I was worried that a stray ball may ruin my late lunch so ate with haste.

The insides were a nice mix of meat and sauce.  I was surprised by the chunks and the fact that they flaked away nicely as proper chunks of meat should.  While not up there with Pieminister this had quality ingredients and was decently full.  The curry flavour could have been stronger, but it was plesant and worked well with the chips.  It was closer to chip shop curry sauce than restaurant Balti, but in a good way.  

The pastry was crisp on the top, with the sides having a rougher texture which was enjoyable.  While I think I may take my own plastic sport adventure cutlery for future eating the pie itself was perfect for the football.

This was Bromsgrove Sportings first ever FA cup match in the 5 year history of the club, and they won 2-0.  The match was closer than the score suggested and the future rounds will certainly be tough.  If there is another home FA cup match then I may go along (apparently I'm good luck) and if I did I'd be happy to leave space for another pie.

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