16 August 2014

Boxerchips Research Blog (@spudmuckers) [By @SpectreUK]

Boxerchips are made in Dublin. I've sampled a couple of their flavours beforehand, which were Crackpot Pepper & Salty Salt flavour and also Honey and English Mustard flavour. I was very kindly sent the below flavours by a lovely lady on Twitter who was sampling them through her work. As I had been lucky enough to sample Boxerchips in the past I decided I would undertake a different type of research on my boxes of Boxerchips that I had received through the post. I thought I would find out what flavour of Boxerchips would go best with some sort of beer. Now the most appropriate beverage I could think of to sample with one of Dublin's finest exporters was another of Dublin's finest exporters. So the question is; what is the best flavour of Boxerchips to snack on whilst drinking a pint (or two) of Guinness? Well, read on to find out...

Savagely Salty

These crisps have a decent crunch and a salty bite that subtly complemented the creaminess of the dark stout, it was like eating the savoury part of a meal at the same time as the creamy desert. I started to worry that there may be a theme there though with all these crisps. Thumbs up for this flavour with Guinness, and probably any other beer for that matter.

Information on the packet;
40g box with 188 calories, 10.1g of fat and 0.3g of sugar.

Crackpot Pepper & Salty Salt

Wow! I'd quite forgotten how fiery these crisps were once I'd opened the box. There was a heavy smell of back pepper that made my nose twitch and I almost sneezed. I was sure they'd exaggerated the flavour more since the last time I'd tried these crisps, perhaps with several more buckets of black pepper compacted into one 40g box of crisps. The crunch was there, the saltiness was there and blimey was the black pepper. These were the strongest salt and black pepper crisps that I had ever tasted. I had to rely on the creaminess of the Guiness to cool down my palate. I loved these crisps and was glad to have the extra box to enjoy at a later date!

Information on the packet;
40g box with 187 calories, 9.8g of fat and 1.1g of sugar.

Salty-Malty Vinegar

The prominent malted vinegar flavour sang out as soon as the first crisp was popped unceremoniously into my mouth, the saltiness came second, which makes a change from the usual salt and vinegar flavoured crisps, but after the Crackpot Pepper & Salty Salt flavour I'd come to expect anything from Boxerchips. These crisps had a lovely vinegary flavour and the saltiness helped to bring that flavour further to the fore. The Guinness helped to wash down this flavoursome flavour of crisps, leaving a vinegar and salty snappy flavour in my mouth after every creamy glug. These crisps were my favourite flavour so far with the Guinness, they had a bitiness that made me sit up in my seat more than the Savagely Salty, but also a subtle flavour that didn't distract from the Guinness like the spicy hot peppery Crackpot Pepper & Salty Salt.

Information on the packet;
40g box with 183 calories, 9.4g of fat and 0.7g of sugar.

Cheesed Off Red Onion

I certainly didn't feel cheesed off on tasting these crisps. They had a distinctive cheesy flavour which almost instantly merged with the onion. The Guiness seemed to draw out the cheesiness after a quick sip whilst eating a mouthful of crisps, but at the same time it muted the onion flavour almost completely. After a deeper drink the cheesiness disappeared also. This provided an unusual experience whilst eating these crisps. Whereas the strong flavours in the stout had complemented the Salty-Malty Vinegar flavour to the hilt working hard with the malted vinegar flavour and added saltiness, these Cheesed Off Red Onion flavoured crisps almost disappeared on drinking, and the cheesiness extenuating the Guinness flavour to the point of cancelling out the crisps. However on their own (without the stout) these Cheesed Off Red Onion flavoured crisps were very tasty indeed, with their heavy refined cheese flavour and snappy red onion twang. A must for all cheese and onion crisp connoisseurs out there, but just avoid trying to drink a hearty pint of stout whilst eating them!

Information on the packet;
40g box with 183 calories, 9.4g of fat and 1.1g of sugar.

Information on Boxerchips;
- hand cooked using pure sunflower oil
- space efficient recyclable packaging which is better for the environment
- made in Dublin, Ireland
- no artificial colours or flavours
- packaged in three box sizes: 40g, 120g for sharing, and 240g for parties!
By Spectre

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