7 August 2014

Dunn's River - Nurishment (original variety) [review by @NLi10]

I've been increasing my exercise recently with a spot of swimming and some prowrestling at a local dojo.  To this end I've been trying out a few of the more bulky energy drinks that have a variety of science claims and are designed to make you a superhuman beast.

To start with I picked up this can of bachelor chow that is named Nurishment. I've seen this around a lot. The people who drink this do tend to wear track suits, but don't tend to be doing exercise. I figured that I'd see what happened.

This is what was in the can. Science! 

I had achey post exercise legs before and after drinking it, I did become very, very sleepy though.  I'm not sure if this was just as a result of work and heat, but it did coincide very closely with the drink.  I will have to get another can and try it when I'm actively doing exercise.

The flavour was vaguely strawberry and it was very gloopy and felt like it wasn't veggie friendly (it isn't). I may be not quite the target market for this, but I am willing to try it again.

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