13 August 2014

Sweet Chipotle and Cola Sauce / Marinade (@Tabasco_UK Sainsburys) [By @SpectreUK]

I've always been partial to Tabasco Sauce, I also liked their new Tabasco Chipotle Smoky BBQ Flavour. Cola not so much. I know lots people may think I'm probably pretty weird for saying that, but I can give or take a bottle of Cola, but mostly give. Never been all that fond of the stuff. So when Cinabar passed me this bottle of Tabasco Sweet Chipotle and Cola Sauce and Marinade to try I had mixed feelings. It had a mild heat rating on the label, which couldn't hurt. Not much of a marinader, I decided to dip my chips and fish cakes into it as a sauce one night. After a good shake the dark brown sauce came out of the bottle a bit fast and I dumped quite a lot on my plate. I could tell there was a cola taste, which was then replaced by the smoky chipotle flavour I'd become accustomed to with the other previously mentioned sauce, followed by a quick hot bite from the Tabasco chilli flavour. This sauce or marinade made for a lovely unusual spicy barbecue sauce. It was good with chips dipped in it. The heat built in my mouth as I dipped and it slowly rose to a nose runny heat. This sauce also went well with the two ample sized Thai Prawn Fishcakes on my plate complementing their heavy lemongrass flavour. I even went back to the fast emptying bottle for several other servings, which is certainly proof that I loved every drop of this spicy smoky slightly Cola-ry sauce! So I warn you that once you plop this sauce on your plate you may need some tissues for your nose, a bigger plate and a bigger bottle for your greed.

Information on the label;
280g bottle. The label recommends to try marinading pork and chicken. See photograph for ingredients.
By Spectre

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