22 August 2014

Emma C’s Cheesy Beans On Toast Crisps (@Walkers_Crisps) [By @Cinabar]

Finally in the taste testing of this years Do Us A Flavour Competition, we come to Cheesy Beans On Toast. This is a highly rated snack by my standards so I hope it would translate well to the world of crisps.
I opened up the bag and there was a pleasant aroma of tomato and cheese. The crisps had a decent sprinkling of an orange seasoning, and looked like that would come with a generous hit of flavour. They smelt really nice, as the combination does work well, so I couldn’t wait to tuck in. The flavour wasn’t quite what I’d hoped sadly. The cheese was a little musty, and not quite like a well defined cheddar, think of it as a more generic “cheese”. Not a bad flavour, but ti could have been so much more. The beans taste was good, I was impressed how they had made the tomato flavour taste like bean sauce rather than just ketchup. They weren't too sweet, and the taste was well balanced. There was no obvious toast flavour, which again is a shame as that could have been something a bit different and clever.
I munched my way through the bag and found them to be pleasant and easy eating. They were however lacking that bit of magic, and they didn't quite stand out enough. I think if the cheese taste had been a little more specific these could have been amazing. They are another nice flavour in the new range, but I think my winner in this years selection has to be Jed’s Sizzling Steak Fajita Crisps.
By Cinabar

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