8 August 2014

Doctor's Order: Fish Finger & Custard Bar (@CyberCandyLTD) [By @Cinabar]

Every good Sci-Fi knows that Doctor Who’s favourite food is fish fingers and custard. Although I’m sure after thousands of years of time travel his tastes buds are more attuned than mine, I still don’t think I’d like to give the delicacy a try. However it has become inspiration to this new chocolate bar found exclusively in CyberCandy. Before you worry  though the inspiration they took from the meal came through as deep fried breadcrumbs in custard flavoured white chocolate. Thankfully there is no fish involved, I’m all for the weird but do prefer my chocolate to be a sweet treat.
It is neatly packaged in a sci-fi style blue card packaged with a window showing off the chocolate. The back is sealed with a cute sticker about bow-ties being cool, but of course we all knew that.
The bar itself has a very pale yellow creamy colour to it, and looked like an appealing bar of white chocolate. The texture of the chocolate was thick and creamy, and the flavour had nice tones of vanilla and white chocolate. The fried breadcrumb come though as a bit of a crunch, hard bits intermingled within the smooth white chocolate. They didn’t really add any flavour, just a crunch to the texture, but I think I’d have preferred it being smooth. If you are going to feel the breadcrumbs they really need to add a bread or batter taste to the flavour, or a bit of something, the texture without the flavour is a bit weird. Is not bad, it just feels like a missed opportunity.
This bar is aimed at the novelty market, and it certainly looks the part and contains nice flavoursome white chocolate. The breadcrumbs are inoffensive, and are probably better than actual fish fingers! I like packaging and the theming too, and do think these would make a perfect treat for the Sci-Fi fan in your life.
Available at: http://www.cybercandy.co.uk/store/Fish-Finger-and-Custard-Bar-5055693835441.html
By Cinabar


Something to look forward to said...

I'm SO glad this isn't fishy! When I first heard about it a few weeks ago I was mortified as I thought it was combining one of my favourite and one of my least favourite foods in one product - my mind couldn't cope!

Lot-O-Choc said...

I bought this bar but was a bit disappointed as its touted as being custard flavoured - to me it was just like regular white chocolate.

cinabar said...

Something to look forward to - yes, it would have been a bit weird!

Lot-O-Choc - it was just a bit of vanilla added I think, not so exciting.

I wonder if the new doctor will have the same favourite food?