19 August 2014

Paul’s Pulled Pork in Sticky BBQ Sauce Crisps (@Walkers_Crisps) [By @Cinabar]

Next up for me to try in the Do Us A Flavour competition form Walkers are these Pulled Pork flavour crisps. The flavour sounded rather exciting, I’ve had pulled pork sandwiches a few times in a cafe near our garden centre and absolutely loved it.
Once the bag was opened, the aroma said one thing to me; Monster Munch. Just as I was trying to decide whether or not it was the Roast Beef or the Flaming Hot or somewhere in between, or that I was going mad, Spectre lent over and smelt the crisps. He said, “oh they smell of Monster Munch”, which at least confirmed I wasn’t mad.
Bizarrely the flavour wasn’t particularly that of Monster Munch, it was much more distinct. The taste was that of sweet barbecue sauce. There wasn’t any chilli heat, just an aromatic, tomato flavour with a hint of smoke, and the lovely aftertaste of pork. The meat tasted spotted on too, I could almost imagine those pulled pork sandwiches in my hand when I ate these. Heaven.
It is just so hard to judge them though. I really loved the crisps, they made me want to lick my fingers and get all the broken bits out of the pack to ensure I didn’t miss any. However, as tasty as meaty barbecue crisps are, they aren’t that different form some other flavours I’ve tried previously. I rate these very highly in terms of taste, but I’m not convinced I can flag them as my favourite, as they don’t feel that unique.
By Cinabar

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