6 August 2014

Hazelnut Brownie Beer (@batemansbrewery) [By @SpectreUK]

Since starting writing on this blog I've faced many bizarre flavours of beer, so this Hazelnut Brownie Beer came as another mad sounding flavour to add to the ever growing list. Described as "chocolate fudge and hazelnut brownie in a glass" this beer brewed by Bateman's Brewery in Lincolnshire had a deep dark brown colour on pouring it into my eager beer mug. In that list of brews I'm proud to say that some of my favourites have been brewed with chocolate malts, and this beer was no exception. There was a strong sweet dark chocolate smell followed by a nuttiness and hints of cinnamon that almost lept at the palate. This rich moist pudding beer almost frothed with creaminess, as the lush bitterness first touched my tongue mixed with the sheer lavish dark chocolate flavour which oozed around my mouth, to be closely followed by the nutty undertones and cinnamon warmth finishing the creamy flavour. This symphony of flavours was a sumptuous cacophony like a chocolate musicians bitter nutty fingers playing my tastebuds for every heavenly nutty sweet and chocolatey sip. It's safe to say that this beer tickled my sweet tooth. This beer let me know with a heavy thunk on the top of my head that beer is also for pudding and for slowly savouring, not just for glugging to get a little tipsy or enjoying in front of a movie with a bucket of crisps. Well done to those master brewers at Bateman's. You've just reached to the heights of my favourites hit list!

Information on the label;
330ml bottle at 6.3% volume. Ingredients contained; barley, oats.
By Spectre

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