28 August 2014

Nongshim Potato Flavoured Snack (Vanguard) [Review by @NLi10]

Another gaming session and more gamer fuel reviewed.  Up this time it's the brother snack of the sweet potato that I reviewed before (and we bought again).  Vanguard has these for cheaper than SooEasy so I can justify them more easily - hurrah!

These potato snacks are much more similar to English potato snacks than their South Korean origin would suggest, but have an unusual garlic/chive flavour to them.  I think the English version would have contaminated this with some synthetic dairy tastes which is why I quite liked these a bit more.

The USA version of the Nongshim site has a staggering array of flavours, and Amazon sellers are happy to charge $10 for a bag instead of the 69p that I paid!  I think I'll stick to my current strategy of Think Globally, Shop Locally and continue to try these things until I accidentally buy a fish one and go into a sulk.

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