15 August 2014

Dairy Milk – Chips Ahoy! (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

Now I know I’ve written on the website for a long time, and we’ve covered an awful lot of biscuits in the past, but if I’m totally honest the phrase “Chips Ahoy!” was coming in at a bit of blank for me. I had to google it, I probably shouldn’t admit such things, but apparently my snack expertise were lacking in this area. Apparently they are one of the biggest selling brands of cookies in the USA, and I probably have seen them in import shops. Just to check I wasn’t going mad, I checked a few of the online supermarkets and with the exception of this particular bar, there was no other Chips Ahoy products being listed in any of them. Funny then that Cadbury thought we’d appreciate a Chips Ahoy chocolate bar, despite the fact Chips Ahoy aren’t widely available in the UK.
Anyway armed with the knowledge that these are chocolate chips cookies in the States, I dug into the chocolate bar. The first thing that struck me as odder still was that the filling was soft. I was hoping for some crunchy biscuit filling like we had when we tried Ritz edition of Cadbury, but this is more cookie dough. The biscuit flavour is nice though, creamy and sugary and very pleasant. It had the taste of biscuit, if not the texture. There were little bursts of extra chocolate from the slight darker chocolate chips also in the centre. Despite the filling being soft, it was varied, and the chocolate chips and crunchy crumbs mixed in did feel nice to munch on.
This is a nice bar, but it probably won’t make a re-purchase for me as cadbury have several other biscuit edition Cadbury products that are superior, Creme Egg and Ritz for example.
By Cinabar


Lisa said...

I've never heard of Chips Ahoy either, and if it's a US thing, wouldn't that make people think of crisps anyway?

Love your nails by the way!

cinabar said...

Oh thats true - even here is sounds like something potato based! Cookie dough isn't looking so bad now.

PS Glad you like my nails - I have a bit of an addiction to all things nail related, if you follow me on Twitter, I tweet pretty much every time I do a manicure with a photo ;-) @cinabar