12 August 2014

Chicken Korma / Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza (@LoveCurryDave @Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

Curry Dave sent me an email about his pizza’s getting listed in Ocado, and as I had an open Ocado order on the go, I added some to the basket. We decided to try them at tea time on Sunday, as a bit of a nice treat given all the bad weather that came following the dregs of Hurricane Bertha. It was only a bit of a wet and windy storm where we are in the UK, but it felt like the weather for a bit of comfort eating.
Curry Dave’s pizzas are different because they have a naan style base, and keeping with the Indian theme the topping is curry. There are a range of flavours, but I picked up Korma and Tikka. The pizzas cooked easily in the oven, and filled the house with aromatic spices.

First up I gave the Korma pizza a taste. I have to say I was very impressed by the base, it had a lovely softness, and authentic flavour. The curry topping hadn’t soaked into it. The base was lovely and soft and easy to eat, and not at all soggy. The flavour of the Korma was spot on, it was creamy, with hints of coconut and a nice flavour of spices without much chilli heat. The chicken was moist, and the pieces were big enough to get enough flavour through. They broke up the taste in the pizza, making each bite interesting.

Next up we gave the Chicken Tikka Masala pizza a try. The tomato base flavour in the Tikka meant that this one tasted a bit more like a regular pizza, also supported by the mozzarella cheese flavour thorough. The base was still soft and naan like, and the topping was unquestionably tasty, there was a little bit more heat to this pizza, a nice hint of spice, not enough to hurt! There is a madras pizza too, if you want a bit of fire, but I’ve not tried that one yet!
We had the pizzas with some cucumber dip, which was nice with the naan edges (there wasn’t a crust as such), and it made a very tasty tea. I will buy these pizza again as they are a nice twist on the conventional idea of pizza, and the base just works so well. It is a nice mix of fusion food, and the combination works a treat.
By Cinabar

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