3 August 2014

Sushi - @Tesco Summer Selection (Ltd Ed) [Review by @NLi10]

Occasionally I pick up sushi for a work lunch, and when I do I often get some for a friend of mine.  He returned the favour recently, but grabbed this new exciting looking variety pack.

And this is what it contains!

The coronation chicken sushi sandwich was quite nice.  This had no raisins in to spoil it and was just a lightly spiced chicken layer in normal sushi rice with no wrap.  Unusual flavour for sushi which was a good start to things.

The coleslaw in the little hosomaki was overpowered but the carrot wrap flavour/texture that was also going on.  I think that these were pretty interesting to look at and enough of a different flavour that you could give this to people who find the fish and seaweed style of sushi off-putting and they'd be converted.

The next one contained prawns which I do tend to avoid, but turned out fairly nice.  The lemon wrap was a little zingier than the carrot, but the centre of the chumaki was the star and contained most of the flavour.  

The BBQ wrap was totally the star of the package. Unexpected flavour burst with every mouthful and it was something I'd have never considered trying to do to sushi at home.  It's worth picking one of these up as a sushi fan just to try this, and I'm sure i'll be looking out for these on menus in restaurants now.

Finally we had the normal looking hosomaki but with a minty kick. I'd expected these to be the bulk out of the package but they went the whole way and only included interesting options.  Not something you'd rush to buy, but included in the package an interesting twist on a classic.

I'm sure the reason behind this pack is that they are thinking of choosing one or two options to add to their existing range, and I'd vote for the BBQ every time.  I do think that a 'sushi Jr' pack with carrot and lemon wrapped sweet flavoured sushi would sell well and could even be targeted at the teen and child market.  I'd be interested to see where this goes, and hope to nab a few more of these before the limited period ends.  Yum!

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