18 August 2014

Sarah’s Hot Dog with Tomato Ketchup Crisps (@Walkers_Crisps) [By @Cinabar]

So yes I’m still working my way through the Walkers do us a Flavour varieties, and next up on my list are these Hot Dog with Tomato Ketchup ones. You can’t help thinking that the idea of the flavour is going to be popular, I mean who doesn’t like a hot dog with ketchup?
Once the bag was opened the aroma was surprisingly sweet, like ketchup, but an extra sugary version, it was a bit odd if anything. The taste though wasn’t nearly as strong as the smell had implied. The flavour was like a ketchup, and there was sweetness, but it was at an acceptable level.
The hot dog tasted a lot more like a regular sausage. There was a nice meaty flavour, but the pork seemed to come across with an almost herby background, giving it more of a sausage sandwich flavour. Perhaps it is because I could pick up on some background flavour of onions too, which admittedly fitted nicely with the meaty tomato taste.
These are a version of the crisps I would buy again, I did enjoy them. The taste of pork, ketchup and onion all work really well, but it is’t necessarily one I’d want to win. There is nothing wrong with them by any means, it is just we have had quite a few different makes do ketchup crisps in the past, and these just aren’t that different. I’m sure that the familiarity will make them popular though, and the slightly sweet flavour will ensure they are well received by kids too. They also didn’t quite have that distinctive taste of frankfurter to make them stand out. Good, but not a winner for me.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Ketchup on a hotdog is an abomination

cinabar said...

:-0 Hot Dog, layer of ketchup and a line of French's mustard = heaven!

Anonymous said...

Kids don't eat mustard so they have tom sauce! Perfect for kids!