31 August 2014

Ginger Grouse - Alcoholic Ginger beer with Whisky [by @NLi10]

My boss is a fan of this and gave me one of his bottles - notable because on the front it says that it is 40% abv due to a missing ".". On the back the correct value lurks with a note that says why this is a little more interesting than a normal alcoholic ginger beer.  It contains famous grouse whisky!  I've never tried this particular brand of whisky, but I'm sure I've had it at some point. 

My partner spotted it in the supermarket and picked one up for herself too - this one had the full stop in the right place on the front which was reassuring.  While we don't tend to drink at home and midweek this was a nice pleasant change (although cat Ollie doesn't approve).

I think that this is a little more 'beer' like than some ginger beers like Crabbies, and the ginger is certainly less aggressive - which I approve of.  It wasn't too strong in any direction and was very nice while watching TV after dinner on one of our last hot summer days.  I'd be more than happy to order this in a pub or to take round to a party.  It's interesting enough to be worth people trying but not odd enough to put them off.

I think a blend of familiar brands in new situations works well for alcohol.  We are all already so used to cocktails that premixed variations using quality options seems a good way to get people to branch out from having the same thing every time.


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