25 August 2014

Tefal Actifry Plus Snacking (@IdealWorldTV) [By @Cinabar]

We have a new toy in the kitchen, the Tefal Actifry Plus Snacking. This fab gadget looks rather like a deep fat fryer, but cooks chips similarly with just one spoonful of oil!The Actifry products have been available for a while now in the UK, but the part that interested me is the new snacking version now available.
I unpacked the box and discovered a fairly large device inside. We managed to find a spot for it on the kitchen surface near a plug. It had a fair amount of cable to reach the power socket, unlike our toaster which came with a far stinger amount!
Inside the box is the traditional Actifry paddle, or a smart wire basket for snacking goodies. This both fit inside the machine, and are interchangeable. We gave the traditional paddle a try first and made some rather lovely sweet potato fries, they were quicker to cook than the recipe booklet suggested for potato fries, but the handy window on top of the Actifry meant we could easily keep an eye on them. They were lovely, and it was the first time we've tried doing them at home in any form.

Next up I purchased a box of breaded prawns to test out the snacking tray. I lined them up in the tray, possibly a little snuggly but each one had room, and none were doubled up. These we cooked for 12 minutes which followed the instructions on the box which were similar to the prawns in the recipe book that came with the Actifry. They went a lovely golden colour when cooking and we added no extra oil, so it is a healthy way of cooking them too. What impressed me was when we came to test them was how lovely the coating was, golden and crispy, and it meant the prawns were perfect for dipping into Marie Rose sauce. I was very pleased by how they'd cooked and the taste. Interestingly in the tray below the prawns I noticed a few small puddles of oil, which had been released from the prawn’s coating during cooking. They taste like they have been deep fat fried, but these were such a healthier alternative, actually reducing the fat content because of the wire mesh.
I really enjoyed using the Actifry, it is a large appliance, and it is a little noisy as it cooks but after my first two trials I couldn't be happier with the taste, and the obvious health benefits. The snacking tray is a brilliant addition to the device and is something I'm very much looking forward to experiment with. I think chicken nuggets and scampi are up next.
Many thanks to the lovely folks at Ideal World TV for giving me the chance to give the Actifry a try.
The Tefal Actifry + Snacking is available exclusively from www.idealworld.tv
By Cinabar