14 August 2014

McVitie's Breakfast Yogurt Sandwich Raspberry & Yogurt [review by @NLi10]

I guess the saying is true - if you can get everyone to buy your product just once then you have a hit on your hands.  Breakfast biscuits continue to be that hit - with more varieties and styles than I could have ever imagined.  The most shocking part is that they continue to put them on special offer, and I continue to buy them!

This particular pack has yogurt in the centre, which we have seen before, but not with both the porridge oats and the raspberry bits.  This is probably my favourite breakfast biscuit combo to date.  It took great will power to only eat one of the little twin packs at a time, and not to have 2.

The range also has a few other exciting sounding ones (that were not on special) and oddly the packaging shot suggests you get 6 of each of these instead of the 5 in the one we ate.  Maybe the chosen ones were the super deluxe ones and maybe they changed their mind and made the packs smaller so the price wasn't so off-putting.  5 is one per week day - and I suspect that most people like me have these on their desk.

Again - i'm going to try my best to avoid reviewing more breakfast biscuits - but if they top this by maybe putting jam in or icing on the top then maybe we'll have this conversation all over again.  I guess those versions will no longer be considered healthy though.

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