2 August 2014

Foster's Radler - Lime and Ginger [By @SpectreUK]

Fosters very kindly sent me their summer beer, and a couple of bottles to make sure I could sample plenty of it whilst I wrote. After a good long stint in the fridge I poured the first bottle of this cloudy beer out into a tall glass. There was a strong smell of lime to this lightly fizzy beer and I could tell from the slight green tint to the colour that this beer would have quite a lime zing to it. I was correct and along with the zesty lime zing came a refreshing fiery ginger kick that lead the beer and lime flavours cheerfully into the aftertaste. This beer was a little like having a refreshing lime cheesecake on a hot summer's day with a ginger biscuit base. First came the fizz and almost creamy texture from the flavours in the beer and that pleasing twang of lime, and then came the ginger foundation to finish off the delight of flavours. I've drank lime added to beer before. I've drank ginger beer before. Why I haven't seen both lime and ginger beer before seems beyond my comprehension now. At least Foster's have come up with this delicious summery beer called Radler. It's perfect on a hot summer's day lightly chilled from the fridge.

Information on the bottle:
Fosters was established in 1888. Brewed in Edinburgh by Heinekin UK Ltd. 300ml bottle at 2% volume. Lager with fruit juices from concentrate and lime and ginger flavouring.
By Spectre

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