20 August 2014

Aurelio Beer (Ocado @2fingersbrewing) [By @SpectreUK]

Brewed by the Two Fingers Brewing Co. and Hepworth and Co. Aurelio means 'golden' in Latin. All profits from each bottle of Aurelio go to Prostate Cancer UK, which I'm sure anyone would agree is an excellent cause. I know that such a terrible illness frightens the backside off most men, but as they say "if in doubt, get checked out!" I presume that the Two Fingers in the brewer's name is the Great British two fingered salute to Prostate Cancer.

Golden was certainly what this beer was. On pouring the beer there was a good hearty fizz. On drinking this beer it had an unusual hardy bite to it that instantly dragged my tastebuds away from the expected light fizzy beers that liberally pop fizz and dribble off the shelves in vast quantities every day from booze shops across the country. Those fizzy mass produced drinks have nothing on an exquisitely brewed artisan beer such as Aurelio. There was an initial whiff of Pale Ale Malt which was almost leap frogged on first bitter taste by the Goldings and Admiral hops that argumentatively bashed into each other. The maltiness from the Pale Ale almost kept up in the race between the fighting hops and joined the sweetness from the Crystal Malt at the finish line. I would buy a few of these bottles if I were you. One to toast yourself. One to toast the brewers. One to toast the doctors. One for each finger in the salute and at least one to toast each and any man you've ever known with Prostate troubles. We all probably know at least one or know someone who knows one.

Information on the bottle;
330ml bottle at 4.8% volume. At least 10p from each bottle goes to Prostate Cancer UK.
By Spectre

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